DO YOU HAVE A RETAIL STORE AND WHERE IS IT? HOW DO I ORDER? We do not have a retail store however we do attend fibre events within Australia.  Coming up to an event we list the show on our website. Our website is always waiting for your order and if you do have an issue please either email us yarns@kaalundyarns.com.au or phone 0438709763.  You are also welcome to place a phone order. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4pm AEST.

CAN I PICK UP MY ORDER FROM YOUR MILL? No not at the moment.

DO YOU SPIN AND HAND DYE ALL OF YOUR YARNS? All of our yarns marked as mill spun are spun in our fibre mill in Queensland, Australia.  The yarns marked as hand dyed are all hand dyed in our dye house using kettle dyeing techniques with environmentally responsible dyes.  We’re simply fantastic at dyeing!

WHAT IS A FIBRE MILL AND HOW DO YOU PRODUCE YOUR PRODUCTS? We are a boutique fibre mill using only natural fibres. The process starts with the hand dyeing of the fibre at one end of the mill, progressing through picking to create aeration and carded to remove any remaining vegetable matter and fibre inconsistencies, then made into batts or rovings or spun into yarn.  Finally the yarn is wound into skeins ready to be tagged and packaged for our customers. For our hand spun range the process is the same except that we hand spin and not machine spin the yarn.

DO YOU DO CONTRACT/COMMISSION SPINNING? No we only process products for our own brand.


WHY IS THE YARN UNDULATING? When designing our range of mill spun yarn we wanted to reflect the beauty of hand spun yarn by allowing the yarn to have undulations.  It is meant to be like that.

WHAT ARE MILL ENDS? Skeins under the category of Mill End Yarn are simply underweight skeins and are labeled with the reduced weights and measures.  Our Mill End Bundles or Silk End Bundles are also mill ends rescued from our stash of left over project yarn, dyeing trials and underweight skeins, ensuring each bundle is unique and sustainable.

WHERE DO I FIND THE WEIGHT/METERAGE OF YOUR YARN? All of the specifications for our products for instance grams/ounzes, meterage/yardage, fibre content, tension and mill spun or hand spun can be found beside the product photo.

WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE DYE LOTS? As all of our yarn and fibre is hand dyed so there is nuance within each batch.  Instead of relying on dye lot numbers we use our expertise to try and match multiple items of the same colour as best we can.  However each skein of yarn or fibre product is unique in nature.  Please refer to the next question about how to alternate skeins of yarn when using multiple skeins of the same colour.

SHOULD I ALTERNATE THE SKEINS OF YARN WHEN MAKING A PROJECT? Yes when you are knitting with more than 1 skein of the same colour you should alternate between skeins as every skein is unique.  Choose the most varied skeins to use at the same time.  To alternate simply work 2 rows, drop first yarn, pick up new yarn, twist and carry the strand up the side instead of cutting off the yarn each time.  When working in the round just drop the yarn and pick up the next, alternating every round.

HOW SHOULD I CARE FOR THE YARN/KNITTED GARMENT? Hand wash in cold water (a quick dip in not a soak) or place garment in washing bag and machine wash on a very gentle cycle. Dry garment flat in the shade. Test wash sample. 

HOW LONG WILL MY ORDER TAKE TO BE SHIPPED? We ship orders Monday to Friday except for public holidays or when clearly stated on our website (for instance in extreme weather conditions). We endeavour to process and pack your order as soon as possible however some orders may take longer.  We will send you an email should there be more than a 3 business day delay.  We ship via Australia Post.  A tracking number is provided for each order so you can follow the progress of your package.  Should you make a change to your order this may delay the process.


Who is eligible for wholesale prices? If you have a craft related retail store, bricks and mortar or online, then please read on to create an account.

To stock our yarns simply create an account (in My Account), and then email us yarns@kaalundyarns.com.au to let us know that you would like to be linked as a wholesaler.  Please include your current ABN, a description of your business and a link to your website. Please be patient as we manually adjust the settings of your account so this may take a little while.  You will then be emailed a wholesaler package letting you know your unique code.  We suggest that you save this file to your computer for future reference as this package takes you through how to order.  We do reserve the right to not link you as a wholesaler or to cancel your account if our wholesale terms are exploited.