Kaalund Yarns is a family run boutique fibre mill in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, South East Queensland, Australia. Back in the 1980’s we started hand spinning and weaving and developing our unique hand dyeing techniques. In 1997 we launched our own range of hand dyed embroidery yarns and from there progressed to artisan dyeing hand knitting yarns and hand weaving accessories. These days with commercial processing and spinning machinery we dye and spin more yarn, faster, with the same ideals of creating beautiful yarn.  Soft natural fibres and traditional hand dyeing are still the basis for what makes our products great.


We love the look of hand spun yarn with its undulations and nuances, so we have set about creating mill spun yarn from hand dyed fibre that embraces this traditional concept, with every skein unique.  Some of our products are fulled singles with a thick and thin look, some are plied and others are just crazy, gorgeous art yarn waiting to be snatched up and knitted.  All of our yarns can be used for knitting, crocheting, weaving or textile art and our fibre products such as rovings or batts can be felted or hand spun.

What we do!

01 Select our Fibre

Beautiful soft natural fibres such as wool, alpaca and silk

02 Hand Dyeing

Using the slow, traditional technique of kettle dyeing the natural fibres thoroughly absorb the dye.

03 Mill Processing

The fleece is picked and carded on our machines and then spun into yarn ready to be knitted or the fibre is processed into fibre batts or rovings for hand spinners or felters.

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