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Striped Scarf – Autumn and Black


Wool, Alpaca and Silk Scarf – Handwoven in Australia

Content: 90% wool, 8% alpaca and 2% silk

Size: 26 cm x 180 cm + fringing

Care Instructions: Gentle hand wash in cold water

Colourway: Autumn & Black – The colours used in this product range from natural black (undyed), dyed black yarns, natural brown (undyed), dyed brown yarn, mustard, reds, cream, grey and burnt peach. The overall colour scheme is red, cream, brown and black.

Beautifully hand dyed and handwoven by our own master weaver, each item is unique.  These products are woven by hand in our fibre mill and are hand finished with traditional hem stitching.  All of the designs used are created by our weaver.

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